FilSwan shares Web3 data storage and application solutions at Fil Austin in Consensus 2022

The annual Consensus was held on June 9, 2022 in Austin, Texas, USA, which attracted crypto industry leaders, project initiators, media practitioners, blockchain teams and many encrypted KOLs to participate and discuss topics such as Web3, Metaverse, and DAO.

FilSwan founder Charles also participated in this FIL Austin event and shared FilSwan’s development direction and achievements.

FilSwan’s main products are Multi-Chain Storage (MCS) DAO , storage service provider tool Swan Provider, computing resources, FS3, edge computing and other infrustructure services. More than 30 SPs have joined the FilSwan ecosystem. FilSwan also provides various forms of data storage tasks such as automatic node ordering, private tasks/public tasks, etc., to meet user needs in different scenarios.

Through the integration of cross-chain data proof, Chainlink price feeds and Token Swap, MCS enables developers and users to pay for data storage on the Filecoin network on the public chain that supports EVM, and meanwhile ensures that Web3 key data can be stored in a decentralized manner. Moreover, MCS provides one-click generation of NFT for image files, adding application demonstration scenarios.

Swan Provider is an order-taking tool used in the Filecoin network that was developed by FilSwan for storage service providers. Users upload file data through FilSwan, and the storage service providers running the Swan Provider program obtain data storage orders automatically or manually. When the file data storage is completed, the corresponding data storage fee is also obtained, which increases the income of the storage service providers.

Swan Provider greatly facilitates the order receiving process for storage service providers. And since most of the stored data is useful data, Swan Provider also increases the proportion of useful data in the FIL network, which is conducive to the healthy development of the FIL ecosystem.

FS3, edge computing and computing resource integration are the early development directions of FilSwan. FilSwan provides edge computing users with real data storage services through distributed storage, and at the same time assists the application of edge computing, including the 3000 rice genomes project and other scientific research tasks in cooperation with universities data storage and computing, etc., and the service has been practically applied and has achieved good results.

At the end, Charles announced that FilSwan will assist in holding the FIL-Toronto Submit/Hackathon in Toronto, Canada from July 4th to 6th. Juan Benet has confirmed his attendance. And Charles also sincerely invites everyone to gather in Toronto again to discuss the future development of Web3 and the blockchain!



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FilSwan is a cross-chain layer2 platform that enables developers to integrate decentralized storage, edge computing, and payment with ease and security.