FilSwan FS3 Version 1.0

About FS3

  • Introduction of FS3

FS3 stands for ‘Filecoin Simple Storage Service’. It is a middleware that lies between Filecoin and Amazon Web Services network. It also can be considered as a Filecoin and S3 compatible storage gateway. At present, most cloud users are accustomed to using the object storage services provided by the S3 software development kit, such as website hosting, machine learning data storage, and video content editing. The size of storage ranges from terabytes to petabytes. FS3 makes it possible for industry users to migrate large-scale data to the Filecoin network without redesigning the system. FS3 provides services including S3 compatible storage, Filecoin payment, and multiple-storage-provider backup.

  • FS3 Usage Scenarios

There are three usage scenarios for FS3: Industry Users, Ecosystem Developers and Hosted Platforms:

Industry Users include enterprise users and individual users. Their needs include uploading videos, hosting FS3’s application storage host, etc. FS3 can handle both structured and unstructured data, including log files, artifacts, backups, container images, photos and videos. With minimal migration work, industry users can easily adapt to the new product environment, and backup their files to the Filecoin network with one click at any time.

Ecosystem Developers include individual developers and application developers that use S3/Amazon Web Services. Developers can use FS3 as a container-based case layer to directly connect with Filecoin. They can also deploy images to AWS or other cloud services to support communication with Filecoin.

Hosted platforms refer to cloud platforms hosting data storage. When these hosted platforms execute upload or download operations on some of their existing S3 compatible products, they can be directly transferred to FS3 through FilSwan. FS3 has a similar user interface, and other tools such as SDK are all compatible. For these hosted platforms, they can directly move from traditional S3 cloud storage to FS3 hosting without much secondary development. FilSwan will provide these data to different storage providers. For platforms like Powergate and Filswan, they can easily add it as a service component integrated into their current infrastructure. We also provide customized cloud platform migration services for these cloud-hosted platforms.

  • FS3 Backup Methods

FilSwan provides two ways to back-up up the Filecoin network. One is online sending, and the other is offline sending. The online mode will immediately execute the user’s backup request, and the user may pay relatively high fees. In the offline sending scenario, the user’s request will be packaged into a larger file and hosted to the storage provider through offline import. Either way, the user will send these deals to various storage providers with one click on the UI interface. After sending successfully, the user will get a series of CIDs (Content ID). This is a hash code that represents the data stored on the Filecoin network. In the future, users can retrieve the dataset from the storage provider based on this CID storage code.

  • Advantages of FS3

FS3 makes it much easier for developers to use Filecoin network storage space. It ensures that both Dapp and Web3.0 software developers, as well as traditional large data storage providers, can easily migrate data files to the Filecoin network at a low cost or even free. Besides, the technical cost is highly reduced, so that developers can easily access the IPFS network and then perform data file permanent storage services and download services.

  • Repository Code of FS3

  • CLI of FS3

About FSClone

  • Introduction of FS3

FSClone is a plug-in for FS3. If you are a user of other cloud storage (such as Google Cloud, Azure Cloud, etc.), you can use FSClone to transport it to FS3. FSClone can convert the corresponding structure of other cloud storage into an S3 structure, store it in FS3, and then perform a Batch Mix action. Batch Mix is an automation engine that matches FS3 clients and storage providers. In Batch Mix, FilSwan will assemble a service pool of high-availability storage providers. This service pool automatically packages, integrates and distributes the work to the storage providers. The storage provider will send it to the Filecoin network.

Above is a simplified version of the FSClone flow chart
  • Repository Code of FSClone

Demonstration of FS3

  • FS3 Web Demo

This is the UI of FilSwan FS3. The left panel displays the buckets that you have generated. After you click the backup icon, there is a pop-up window where the user can choose the storage provider, set price, set duration, etc. After clicking “SEND”, the user will get a CID for retrieval.

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