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Marketing Progress

  • On February 25th, the Filecoin 2023 Toronto FVM Open Hack Day hosted by FilSwan was successfully held. Experts from the FilSwan team and Protocol Labs introduced FVM and FEVM toolkits and use cases to the attendees. More than 90 people signed up for this event, and over 30 builders participated in person for the hack day. The results of the competition will be announced in early March.
  • The weekly “Swan Flash Task” activity for storage providers continuously attracts global storage providers every Thursday. As a result, 120 TB of data storage has been sent to task bid winners.

Product Progress

  • Added 0-byte file upload function, allowing users to upload 0-byte files
  • ACL and IPFS Storage have been deployed and tested in Dev1, progressing well, and are expected to be updated in March
  • Buckets Storage integrated IPFS Storage. Compared with OSS storage, IPFS Storage provides folder sharing and custom SubDomain

FilSwan Platform

  • Adding more filter conditions to the “As Storage Provider” interface, and users can obtain the information they want through these filter conditions more easily (expected to be launched in early March)
  • Adding the function of modifying deal status in batches (expected to be launched in early March)

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A layer-3 cross-chain solution that helps Web3 projects to integrate data, computing, storage, CDN, and payment into one suite.