Key takeaways

  • FilSwan MCS testnet competition is in full swing!
  • FilSwan held the first “Ask Me Anything” (AMA).
  • We are awarded Filecoin SDK data bounty.
  • FS3 is now in Prod.

Key initiatives delivered:

FilSwan Multi-Chain Storage (MCS) test competition

It’s heating up! We invite all global participants to join a usage competition, collect points, and share a 200 FIL token prize pool!

Multi-Chain Storage (MCS) is a smart contract-based cross-chain storage gateway, with oracle technology for Filecoin storage integrated. It enabled users to pay for Filecoin storage with stable coins and other Mainnet tokens while maintaining security. Users will also obtain the payment transaction and IPFS information with Filecoin deal ID for future reference.

Read more: Multi-Chain Storage Testnet Competition — Collect points and share a 200 Fil Prize Pool!

Tutorial: Getting started with FilSwan’s Multi-Chain Storage (MCS) on Polygon Mumbai Testnet

FilSwan held the first AMA on our Discord Server and WeChat group

We recently hosted an AMA in the WeChat group on March 22, 2022, at 8:00 pm. UCT +8, and on our Discord server on March 22, 2022, at 11:00 p.m. EST. Charles Cao, the CEO of FilSwan introduced participants to FilSwan’s Solutions & products, where the industry is heading, and answered participants’ questions on site.

To make sure that no one misses it, we present you FilSwan Multi-Chain Storage AMA Recap

FilSwan awarded Filecoin data bounty

We are excited to announce that FilSwan’s SDK has been awarded the Filecoin data bounty!

The purpose of the SDK is to enable users to:

  • Upload file to Filswan IPFS gateway
  • Make payment to swan Filecoin storage gateway
  • Mint digital assets as NFTs
  • Access other Web 3 services easily

FilSwan is a member of the first Filecoin Star Ambassador program, a leader in the FVM developer community, and a repeated R&D grant winner to build the Filecoin ecosystem. Additionally, we are a data provider that offers Chainlink Oracle service for the Filecoin Network

FS 3 is officially launched in the production environment.

FS3 is API compatible with Amazon S3 cloud storage service for the Filecoin network. Simply put, it is a bridge connecting S3 and the Filcoin network with simpler and faster storage services.

FS 3 supports TB to PB-scale data storage and one-click connections to Filecoin. Additionally, it supports storage service payment and automatic data backup & recovery.

Read more:

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FilSwan is a cross-chain layer2 platform that enables developers to integrate decentralized storage, edge computing, and payment with ease and security.