Key takeaways

  • Multi-Chain Storage (MCS) was officially launched
  • MCS users can check the deal process now
  • New version of FS3 supports data encryption & decryption
  • FilSwan is officially part of the FVM Early Builders Program
  • We’re at SXSW!

Key initiatives delivered:

FilSwan launched MCS officially.

You’re just in time for the MCS testnet competition. Come join us! Multi-Chain Storage Testnet Competition — Collect points and share a 200 Fil Prize Pool!

FilSwan MCS is a blockchain-based solution addressing users’ decentralized data storage needs. With MCS, you can easily upload any data to the Filecoin network and IPFS, mint NFTs directly to OpenSea, and pay for storage with stable coins like USDC.

Tutorial: Getting started with FilSwan’s Multi-Chain Storage (MCS)

MCS has new functionality!

Users can check the deal process now. Go to “my files” page, click the name of any file you’ve uploaded, then click the blue “view deal logs” button on the right top of the page.

Try it out:

A new feature is added to FilSwan FS3.

The new version enables encryption & decryption of users’ login for the sake of data privacy and security.

Try it out:

FS3 bridges Amazon S3 and the Filecoin network through simple and fast storage services. It’s API compatible and supports TB to PB scale data storage.

Read more: Introduction to FilSwan’s FS3 — the blockchain version of “Amazon S3”

FilSwan joins the FVM Early Builders Program.

We are a pioneering member of the FVM Foundry now! We aim to contribute to knowledge exchange and innovation on the Filecoin network. Together, we will ensure that the FVM meets the technical requirements for the upcoming apps, systems, and platforms that developers are looking to build.

We were at South by Southwest (SXWX).

Charles Cao, the founder of the FilSwan, was invited to attend SXSW 2022 from March 11–20 in Austin, Texas. SXSW remains one of the world’s top destinations for entrepreneurs from different industries. It covers the new founders, new ideas, and new revenue models powering today’s most exciting new companies.

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FilSwan is a cross-chain layer2 platform that enables developers to integrate decentralized storage, edge computing, and payment with ease and security.