Data DAO Hackathon Prize Winners

More grants opportunities to come, stay tuned!

Data DAO Hackathon Team is pleased to announce the results of the hackathon competition! The judging team was impressed by the quality of work every participant did. 149 teams registered, and 71 projects were submitted. The submissions were categorized into Four, with a hooping prize worth $50,000.

The Data DAO Hackathon competition is sponsored by the Filecoin Orbit and Filecoin Foundation, hosted by FilSwan. We thank all the partners who supported our event, DoraHacks, ChainSafe, MetaJamStudio, FBG Capital, and Waterdrip capital. The hackathon has attracted many Web3 enthusiasts, from innovative technology experts to startups and newcomers.

The Interplanetary Filesystem (IPFS) is a peer-to-peer network and protocol designed to make the web faster, safer, and more open. Filecoin, the world’s largest decentralized storage network, allows users to store, request, and transfer data via a verifiable marketplace. The winner was judged based on the best innovation used in these areas.

Datapocket $6,000

Fanstop $4,000

MultiChain.Storage is a smart-contract-based cross-chain storage gateway on the IPFS/Filecoin networks and incorporates Chainlink Oracle technology. For this track, projects were evaluated based on who had the best idea about utilizing the MCS tools.

Storverse $8,000

CooperDB $5,000

go-mcs-sdk $3,000

IPFS-Filecoin data rebuilder $1,000

Afiant $1,000

Deep Diary $1,000

Ichill Ecosystem $1,000

Computing over data is the key scenario of the IPFS/Filecoin Network. This track encourages developers to develop apps based on data stored on Filecoin. This track introduces innovations in health data, climate data analysis, New York subway data, and other scientific data.

IPFS Computing Router $6,000

The Twitter community was also allowed to share their favourite submissions. Eligible projects from other tracks with top 5 RT counts win the bounty.

Storverse $500

Fanstop enables users to upload encrypted files into a complex and user-unfriendly solution to get them onto IPFS. Could totally be upgraded from here though, solid base. (Discordian), Developer Advocate, Protocol Labs

Storverse is an interesting concept with large potential impact. I like the idea of adding tags and other metadata to CIDs on IPFS/Filecoin. On the technology side, the design is nice, UI, golang, and SDK golang support. , Blockchain Engineer, FilSwan

CooperDB used IPFS/Filecoin and Filswan MCS. They have a good idea to provide tools for Web2 developers to onboard. It could be great if the demo can be playable, and UI can be improved. , Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Waterdrip Capital

go-mcs-sdk is a good tool that helps go projects use FilSwan’s MultiChain.Storage products. , Head of Filecoin Business, FBG Capital

IPFS Computing Router is a useful tool for computing data based on IPFS/Fileocin. The result upload on MultiChain.Storage is useful for payment for computing from different chains. Looking forward for more features. , BD Director, FilSwan

The Data DAO Hackathon 2022 has more surprises to deliver

Thank you to the skillful teams who joined our Data DAO 2022 Hackathon! Our mentors had a great experience with the teams, and the many judges involved made the selection fair. We were excited by the involvement of newcomers and veterans who built with our technology. All the projects submitted to us will receive some comments and be eligible to attend the mini-grants programs coming soon. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to stay tuned!

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FilSwan is an important participant in the Filecoin ecosystem and also a project team that first proposed a cross-chain solution for Web3 resources. Additionally, FilSwan has been incubated by Chainlink Startup and received the Chainlink and Filecoin Joint Devgrant, and is also a member of the Binance Labs Season 4 Incubated Project.

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A layer-3 cross-chain solution that helps Web3 projects to integrate data, computing, storage, CDN, and payment into one suite.

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A layer-3 cross-chain solution that helps Web3 projects to integrate data, computing, storage, CDN, and payment into one suite.