Biweekly Update — Feb 10

FS3 and MCP are featured on Filecoin Community Roadmap

Multi-Chain Payment (MCP) and Filecoin Simple Storage Service (FS3), two flagship products developed by the FilSwan team, have been highly regarded in the Filecoin ecosystem for the tangible utility they offer to the network. Recently, the Filecoin Foundation released their 2021 Community Roadmap and cemented FS3 and MCP as featured ecosystem projects in the first two-quarters of this year’s roadmap. According to the Filecoin Foundation, the community projects listed on the roadmap are those which significantly improve the ease of use and/or use case of the Filecoin network in 2022. FilSwan is proud to contribute two of our essential offerings to the roadmap.

To provide a brief introduction, MCP is a smart contract-based cross-chain payment gateway that is integrated with oracle technology for Filecoin storage. Version1.2 of MCP was recently released, and now provides users with a calibration test net for immediate use. The MCP team at FilSwan plans to release several updated versions of the product in the coming months, and MCP is scheduled to launch on the main net around June of 2022.

FS3 is a Filecoin and S3 compatible storage gateway that allows industry users and ecosystem developers to easily migrate data to the Filecoin network. A standalone version of FS3 (FS3 version 2.0) was released last year for single users, and a cloud version was released to support multiple users (FS3 version 2.1) this year. In addition, FS3 has launched a calibration test net for new users to experience our services.

FS3 and MCP both garner great support from the Filecoin Foundation. We appreciate the assistance and recognition we receive from the Filecoin Foundation and the Filecoin ecosystem and will continue to contribute and provide innovative products to the Filecoin ecosystem.

Learn more about MCP and FS3 below:

FilSwan at Decentralized Web Gateway

This month FilSwan announced that we will be attending the Decentralized Web Gateway event on March 15th at SXSW hosted by the Filecoin Foundation. This event is intended to promote and discuss the value of decentralization and how decentralized tools can benefit society. We hope to see you there!



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